I have to be honest: I'm a terrible blogger. Please do not judge my online presence based on this blog. To keep up with what's going on with me, try Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Even this website is updated regularly! The pathetic. Every once in a while I'll add something, but what you can reasonably expect from me is like...two posts per year (and they're not even that good.). :P


My recent blog posts

My NoVaTEEN 2017 Experience

March 27, 2017


Let’s be honest here: I suck at blogging. It’s just not my thing. Blog posts take a significant amount of effort and I’d rather be spending that time and effort on other things (like on the clicking involved with navigating Netflix, for example). But seeing as my last (cont)  Read more>>

Girl Mans Up Book Launch #2: Durham Region

September  9, 2016


I got a pleasant surprise a few days ago. I found out not only did Quill & Quire review my book, but they gave it a starred review! The whole write-up is so amazing, and I am so grateful for this reviewer’s careful analysis of the story. (cont)  Read more>>

Girl Mans Up is Out!

September 7, 2016


Yesterday was September 6, the day my YA novel GIRL MANS UP was released. I’d planned on writing a little thing about it, but the day ended up being crazy-busy, mostly because of Twitter. I did talk a little about this milestone on my agent (cont)  Read more>>

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